About Me

I’m a faithful American Studies student in my first life; louhicky is my online larkmark. Hickey refers to skin blemish: lovebites, but I’ve drop the ‘e’ to appear professional. But its all a front.
Whist on my year aboard in California I started drawing and continued back home under the attentive eyes of Emily Haworth-Booth at the Prince drawing school in Shoreditch, London.  The Crip Script blog is (hopefully) going to provide a visual forum for those cripplingly funny moments that touch our everyday lives. Comedy has the ability to neutralize what are deemed as taboo subjects and drawing is a much under used form of activism. I have tried to perfect the drawings, but have since rejected this idea; perfectibility is held accountable to normalcy. Drawing is a means of expression and thus available to all.

Although this blog will showcase some of my drawings – this is not a one trick pony; this blog is open to everyone. Email your drawing to on me: louhicky@me.com If you do not have access to a scanner, you are welcome to snail mail it to me. Contact me for details.


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